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Kim Willson Owner/Designer



With a Fashion Merchandising Degree, Kim started her professional career saturated with color, texture, and style. At nearly every phase of her career she focused on improving spaces from retail floors,  to the threads draping the customers, to her own home environment. It has always been second nature for Kim to quickly recognize the importance of persons, places, and things... the surrounding spaces.

It was not long until others, friends, and family, simply asked for help. 

It's common that many do not clearly envision what they are striving to create in their environment, but nearly everyone recognizes it when they see it. So this is Kim's talent... listening to the client, getting to know the client, understanding their goals, even if the client does not yet have a clear vision of the destination. 

Kim has focused on homes from interior design to renovation management now for nearly 30 years. Kim strives to bring out the inner style from within the client.

It's actually simple... when they come "home" to their space, they relax, breath deeper, and feel "ahhh, I'm home, I'm at my home!" 

That is success!

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Our Focus

Style and Design

Interior and exterior spaces including finishes, color, furnishings,

window treatments, flooring, appliancesdécor and more.

Resourcing is critical and comes from years of experience... Kim has the experience. Kim will bring this to your project with fresh ideas and style.

Renovation Management

We work with our general contractor or yours as well as all tradesmen. Whether adding or removing walls, ceilings, cabinets or a complete "gut remodel," We oversee entire projects including resourcing all materials, fixtures, lighting, flooring, etc.. Let KW Style and Design manage your remodel with a constant focus on the finish product.


Re-merchandising can refresh an entire space whether home or office. Sometimes its a fresh look bringing new life and vibrance to existing spaces that invigorates the vibe. Usually it's a combination of out with some old, in with some new, and repurposing

of others. 

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